Winter Storm Watching Itinerary


Gros Morne: Winter Itinerary 

Newfoundland is renowned for its winter storms; the nor’easters hold lore born of maritime history, and the same still holds true today.  

Gros Morne National Park situated at the foot of the Long Range Mountains bears much of the brunt, receiving the highest snowfalls and winds on the Island. The snowy season brings dramatic skies punctuated with the sun beaming through low-hanging clouds, white-out snow squalls, blowing wind, and pounding North Atlantic swells.  

Storm watching season is as much about the weather as it is about how quickly it can change; all you have to do is be present to take it in

History of Storms

The weather has shaped everything in Newfoundland, from the land and its twisted “tuckamore” trees to the hardy people(s), indigenous, and later European settlers.  The severity and frequency of storms is greatest between November and March, although they may occur at any time of the year.

Art of Storm Watching

Photo Steve Wheeler - Lobster Cove Head

There is no one way to enjoy a good storm; from simply taking a drive and sipping a hot coffee, to getting bundled up and braving the elements for a short walk, or cozying up with a book watching through the window.

Here are three of our favourite ways to enjoy some wind and snow:

Lean into the wind at Shallow Bay Beach, and Lighthouse Trail in the Town of Cow Head

The town of Cow Head boasts a number of amazing coastal views and snowshoe trails. Simply take a drive to take in the views, or bundle up and bring along the cross-country skis or snowshoes to enjoy some sweeping ocean views.

Explore around Parks Canada Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse

While the Parks facility is closed in the winter, bring a pair of snowshoes and explore the tuckamore forest punctuated with sprawling coastal views surrounding the Lighthouse (2 km return).

Take in the waves at one of the community trails in the town of Trout River Pond

Trout River Pond has a town board-walk built right on the North Atlantic, strong westerly winds can give rise to rough seas in the winter. The town has a trail on the north and south side of the water front.

Photo Steve Wheeler - Waves Hitting the Shore

Where to Stay & Eat

While the communities in Gros Morne do settle down over the winter, there are still a few key places to get a great meal, and enjoy a warm bed

Accommodation & Restaurant

Shallow Bay Motel


Located in Cow Head, the Motel offers winter rates and is near both great snowshoeing/ cross-country trails and snowmobile trails.  After a day of exploring grab a bite and drink at their family restaurant 

Fisherman’s Landing Restaurant on Main Street, Rocky Harbour offers a warm, cozy atmosphere while serving traditional Newfoundland meals

Restaurant | Coffee Shop

Old Store Cafe

A warm and welcoming coffee shop located in Norris Point serving all house made products.  Reopening mid-February for winter season.