Gros Morne National Park… Where the sea meets the sky!

Unforgettable sunsets, rugged coastlines and hidden treasures await the adventurous traveler who likes to explore. Gros Morne National Park offer a diverse mix of exceptional coastline options for you to enjoy.

Rugged Coastal Experiences

Visitors can experience the coastline in a number of ways throughout the park. In the south end of the park, the Green Gardens trail provides access to a coastline of sea stacks, volcanic rocks, a sea cave (accessible at low tide), and a secluded cove with sparkling waterfalls. Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse and the Coastal Trail, just north of Rocky Harbour allow visitors to understand the hardships that local fisherman and family’s experienced while trying to make a living from the sea. Get tangled up in Tuckamore, a local species of tree that has become characteristic of people and place, found all along the coastal drive from Rocky Harbour to the north boundary of the Park. Broom Point Fishing Exhibit north of Western Brook Pond explains what is was like to live and work along this rugged coastline in the mid 1900’s. Experience a day in the life of a fishing community with Parks Canada’s “Yaffle of Chores” sure to challenge your ability to have survived coastal NL. For more information check out the videos on the right.

Long Sandy Beaches

Not what you would imagine when one thinks of Newfoundland & Labrador but Gros Morne National Park has some the most pristine sandy beaches on the island. The Shallow Bay Beach and Campground, located near Cow Head in the northern portion of the Park is renowned for its family friendly beach getaways and kilometers of soft sandy beaches. Build a sand castle or fly a kite, have a picnic at the day use area and explore the hidden coves and inlets along the coast. The Western Brook Day use area is another great place to lay out and enjoy the summer sun or stop along your coastal drive to have a picnic lunch with the back drop of mountains surrounding Western Brook Pond.

Life in Bonne Bay

From Minke whales to starfish and wolf fish, Gros Morne National Park has a diverse array of sea life and lots of ways to experience it. For those looking to get close to the action kayaking in Bonne Bay is the way to go. Experienced guides lead you on an adventure across the “Tickle” and into sheltered bays, passed water falls and show you the creatures that live below the surface. Catch a ride on the boat tour of the bay and witness whales and eagles in their natural habitat as you learn about the culture and history of the area. Boaters are also welcome to enjoy the bay with recreational boating permitted and lots of seaside towns to visit.

Unforgettable Sunsets

The perfect ending to the perfect day is experiencing the unforgettable sunsets in Gros Morne National Park. As the sun fades into the horizon of the gulf of St. Lawrence there are a number of ideal spots to experience it and here are our top 5.

  1. Enjoy a delicious meal in Rocky Harbour or Trout River at one of the local restaurants and be sure to grab a window seat for the show.
  2. Coastal drive to Cow Head with plenty of places to stop and capture the perfect memory.
  3. Relax and embrace the sunset on the Bonne Bay Evening Cruise with live music.
  4. Sunset picnic on the beach in Norris Point (Wild Cove), Cow Head, Lobster Cove Head or Trout River.
  5. At the campground in Green Point, north of Rocky Harbour or along the Coastal Trail hike.