Google Calendar Instructions

This website pulls content from operators, groups and events to populate a free google calendar on the main page that allows for visitors and locals to see what is happening in Gros Morne National Park year-round.

If you are not familiar with Google Calendar please watch this tutorial that will help with understanding how it works.

Instructions on how to maintain your Google Calendar so it shows up properly on this website:

  1. In order to get a link to the calendar you will need to contact
  2. You will recieve a link to the calender and will be able to add your events to the calendar
  3. Only add events that you are responsible for DO NOT PUT UP EVENTS THAT YOU READ OR SEE ONLINE THAT ARE NOT YOUR EVENT!
  4. Remember to switch back to your personal calender when putting in personal things in your calendar… we have had people’s personal schedule show up before!
  5. If you have any questions contact