Chef in Residence

Announcement – Chef In Residence September 28 – Oct 3, 2020, Gros Morne National Park

This years Chef in Residence is Atlantic Canada Seafood Ambassador the Kilted Chef !


Joining us again this year is our own Atlantic Canada Seafood Ambassador and Gros Morne’s resident Chef Alain Bosse known as the Kilted Chef.  Alain Bosse is the dynamic founder of Alain Bosse Consulting Ltd, bestselling author, food and past editor for Saltscapes Magazine.

For the past 10 years Alain has used his bon vivant personality to successfully represent Atlantic Canada in various initiatives to help promote local commodities such as Lobsters, Mussels, Apples and Wild Blueberries to name a few. His travel has included trips to South America, Europe, Asia, United States and Canada giving presentations that are both enlightening and entertaining to Chefs, future Chefs and owner- operators on the use of Atlantic Canadian products and their flexibility.

Alain has had the opportunity to represent Atlantic Canada at numerous shows such as the Miami Food of America, Star Chef US Food and Wine Miami Show, CPMA, PMA, Fresh Summit, CRFA, and SIAL, to name a few. Alain has been a guest instructor at Louisiana’s John Folse Culinary School, the Cordon Bleu School in Miami Florida, Boston Mass, Charleston College, South Carolina and The University of Culinary Arts in Boston Mass as well as others. His hands on teaching approach and affable manner has made him a classroom favourite and he continues to mentor many of the young talents that he has met long after class is over.

Alain has had the distinct pleasure of cooking for various dignitaries, secretaries of state,as well as the Prince of Wales, a distinction of which he feels both proud and humbled.  His passion for the “buy local, eat local” philosophy is apparent in his recipe development,menu engineering and work with producers and processors.